5 Signs You Need Brand Rehab


1) Confusion

If you are constantly trying to find the next big marketing idea to help you stand out but find yourself switching it up and getting confused, you are NOT getting the results that you want.

The key to building a brand that converts is consistency across all messaging and medium. While you may do many things, you need to be known for doing one thing really well.

2) Your are like “WTF”

If you see others with less experience and skill killing it, while you are are not getting the clients or the business you know you can get. You know that you are great at what you do and know you could be a leader in your field, but feel a littel intimidated because you are older than a millenial and have “too much” experiemce.

You are tired of playing small and are ready to explode your business.

You Need Clear Step-by-Step Instructions, Guidance and Support from a Real Expert

You have no idea where your next client is coming from and it stresses you out and keeps you up at night.

You are tired of joining group programs and want the time and attention you need to really expand your reach and double your income.

Before I started my online-cnetered business, I took many, many courses taught by hugely successful coaches where I was one in many.

And, because I am an introvert, I hardly spoke up on group calls, did not interact that much in the private online groups, and pretty much did it on my own. (Or Rather, did not do it on my own.)

I had questions, but I often thought I hadn't done the pre-work properly and I should know the answer. I mean I was a successful woman, I should know everything, right? And a huge part of my up until then success had been figuring everything out on my own. Asking for help was not in my wheelhouse. (And most employers love employees like me!) However, this lack of self-compassion—often called perfectionism—did not help me succeed in my own business. Instead I worked myself weary and then got burned out. It is hard to maintain consistency when you are operating from this place.

You Want to see Change and Results from Your Efforts

I often hear perfectionism touted as if it is a badge of honor. And hell yeah, I used to say I was a perfectionist all the time. When creating intricate designs for magazines, that truly was an asset. I would work on layouts until the wee hours of the morning making them as perfect as possible. And in my 20+ year career I can count on one hand the mistakes where something printed incor o your gut and see if I am the catalyst you need to take your business and your life to the next level

I hope to speak to you soon. I would love to help you become the woman your little-girl-self thought you would be.