Just relax—we got this. This is for the already successful business that needs an brand refresh. We will evaluate your brand, visuals branding and messaging, and your website. You will walk away with a complete brand upgrade. Goodbye website shame! Hello new up-leveled clients!


STEP 1: Brand Brainstorm

CALL OR MEET IN PERSON After you fill out a clarity seeking survey (should take you about 20 minutes)—we will meet for three hours either in person or via conference call with you and your team. We will review your core messaging, marketing approach and content creation approach. It is ideal if you could bring other team members along for this call, especially if they are on the frontlines of your business.

STEP 2: Brand Brainstorm Review

CALL OR MEET IN PERSON We will let the first call simmer for a bit and then hop back on the phone for about an hour (or in-person) and review what we discussed. This is essential, especially when rebranding. You have already invested a lot of time and effort in your business. we all want to make sure we are on the same page in terms of approach, before we get to work on creating your branding.

STEP 3: Brand Building Report & Guidelines

DELIVERABLES & A CALL After the call you will receive a Branding report based on our work together. This will be crucial for your next steps. It will outline your messaging, marketing and your logo design, visual branding, and color palette options. You will have 3-5 days to review this and send feedback. We will schedule a call to review your feedback.

STEP 4: Branding Guidelines Finalized

DELIVERABLES & A CALL Me and my team will review your feedback and the notes form our feedback call and send a final revised brand guideline. This will include: Final logos and logo mark; final color palette; visual branding & messaging bible; (3) social media templates that you can easily use and reuse. We will schedule a call to review the final deliverables.

STEP 4: We Build Your Headquarters

1st round of website design with real text due to you
WEEK 2: Your feed back due on website design and text
WEEK 3: Final Round of website design and text along with up to 5 social media post designs with templates.
WEEK 4: Website launches; social media launches; all templates and deliverables are turned over to you.




Shoot me an email and lets talk about your project.