I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND as you walk though building your brand. This is essentially Hey Baby! VIP. We start with a three hour one-on-one call to brainstorm your messaging and services to make sure that they are all aligned. You must be ready for clarity and commitment. You then get the visual branding done for you and all technical support you need to build your website. This is a 60 day group program. limited to 10 participants at this level.


CALL 1: One-on-One: Brand Brainstorm (Call 1)

After you fill out a clarity seeking survey (should take you about 20 minutes)—we will hop on a call for three hours and you will walk away with your core messaging, marketing approach and content creation guidelines for the next 12 months.

CALL 2: Brand Building Report & Guidelines

After the call you will receive a Branding report based on our work together. This will be crucial for your next steps. It will outline your messaging, marketing and your logo design, visual branding, and color palette options. You will have 3-5 days to review this and send feedback. We will schedule a call to review your feedback.

CALL 3: Branding Guidelines Finalized

Me and my team will review your feedback and the notes form our feedback call and send a final revised brand guideline. This will include: Final logos and logo mark; final color palette; visual branding & messaging bible; (3) social media templates that you can easily use and reuse. We will schedule a call to review the final deliverables.

CALLS 4-8: Build your headquarters

Step by step training to build your online headquarters. (my recommendation for new entrepreneurs is Squarespace for a site that is beautiful and easy to manage with built in SEO)

Along with the best resources on how to build your site, I will provide one-on-one support where will will set accountability deadlines to help you get your site up and running and creating social media posts and content to reach your audience. These are some of the items you learn to do with my personalized help every step of the way:

  • Website review as you build with recommendations and tips to make it better.

  • Create a lead magnet and/or landing pages that will attract your best clients, collect email addresses and create trust with our blooming tribe.

  • Chose an implement a marketing strategy that is best for your potential customer, whether it is webinars, email marketing, social media posts, or you tube channel. We will hash it out and figure out the best option for you and I will guide you through the best client attraction system FOR YOU.

All the trainings from Hey Baby!

Module 1: Master Your Message

A step-by-step guide to create a brand that reflects the core of your business and attract your ideal clients. Working from the inside out we will build a brand based on the essence of your business.


Module 2: Master Your Message

Based on your branding and offers, this module will guide you to create messaging that will resonate with your ideal client. We will uncover your core brand words and create a year long messaging calendar based on your offers.


Module 3: Visual Brand

This will guide you into making a visual language for your brand. You will create a mood board for your brand, uncover your brand colors, fonts and image style.


Module 4: Website in a day

This module alone is worth the price of admission I will guide you step by step on how to create a custom website that is easy to manage with all the bells and whistles you could possibly need.


BONUS MODULE: Creating Amazing Freebies

I will lead you through a process of creating gorgeous looking checklists or eZines for your clients to download for free. Plus—how to incorporate this into your website and stay in contact wot your ideal potential clients





The NEXT Round of “Done with DIY” Starts on January 2, 2019.
Official registration opens up on December 1.
Early Registration for insiders (hello discount!) starts November 15 @ $1997.
After December 1, price jumps to $2447